The Blog Lives!

29 Jan 2016

So after a lot of tinkering, I finally have a blog.

It took a couple weeks of upheaval to finally land on a hosting platform. Initially my static page was hosted on DigitalOcean using node, express, and nginx. My plan was to write my blog infrastucture from the ground up, maybe node/koa/mongo or angular. The windows I have to develop after work aren’t as big as I’d like, so I wanted to go wth a more out-of-the-box solution. Ghost was the plan, but it wasn’t going to play nice with the rest of the site. So I gave GitHub Pages with Jekyll a try.

I wasn’t keen on the idea at first because I wanted to use some sort of database, but after some poking around I realized it was going to be a great fit with the scattershot projects and blog posts I’d like to roll out. As a bonus, I’ll save some money each year on hosting.

Right now I’m happy to have posts live-ish; pagination and tagging are next on the to-do list.

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